The styling bank is a north London based hire facility for modern everyday wardrobe basics, providing wardrobe for shoots in a convenient but more sustainable way.

The collection features a curated selection of everyday wardrobe pieces such as jeans, chinos, shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and shoes in popular commercial shoot tonal colours. This core collection is continually growing and expanding as we recycle more post-shoot clothing and will soon also feature kids' clothes, and small wardrobe props such as glasses, name badges, and other accessories.


The Styling Bank was founded in 2021 by freelance wardrobe and props stylist Alice Timms, after growing frustrated and concerned about the increasing amount of waste created on shoots through repeat purchases and disposal of wardrobe items, and was inspired by an earlier version of this idea started by Khandiz Joni at Creative zero.

The Styling Bank aims to be a resource hub, with useful sustainability information and will grow to enable other stylists with their own stock to hire out to each other creating a community & network of local resources to easily source re-usable wardrobe items while cutting down on waste and preventing new purchases.

We are an albert approved sustainable supplier and are continually assessing and looking to reduce our environmental impact while lowering the carbon footprint of running the business.

The Styling Bank is still in its early stages of development so please bear with us while we get it fully operational and excuse any teething problems. 

Please contact us to find out more if you would also like to make your own stock available for hire to other stylists for shoots.


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