Directory of sustainability-conscious suppliers and post-shoot recycling suggestions

Pre-shoot suppliers

Good on you

Resource for brand ratings, they pull all the information together and use expert analysis to give each brand a score. Use Good on you to find ethical & sustainable fashion from around the world.

They make efforts to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items such as fashion, food, cosmetics and cleaners that do as little harm to the environment as possible -to give you the choice to use environmentally friendly products whenever possible

Amazing resource with a directory of sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers, and a sustainability knowledge base

Thrift+ was founded to make the charity shopping experience as good as the best online clothes retailers, ensuring fewer clothes end up in landfill. Also you can use credit from your donated items when they sell to buy more pre-loved from their site.


Baukjen is a London-based womenswear brand, with a focus on environmental, ethical, and sustainable style. Its clothes are designed for you, designed for good. The brand uses some eco-friendly materials, which helps limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production. Now offering a selection that are available to rent.

Made in London, rescued from landfill. Fanfare Label is an independent sustainable fashion house leading the way for circularity and positive change. What others see as waste, we see as a starting point.

At Reskinned you’ll find the best preloved Finisterre gear at great prices. By shopping some preloved and repaired Finisterre, you’re giving this old gear a second chance, and keeping it out of landfill

Hedoine sell bio-degradable tights and also accept old tights from any brand to be recycled

Gigi's stocks an extensive range of unique vintage and designer garments available for you to hire for any event. She's dressed women from Red Carpets to Weddings and everything in between.

The Costumier is dedicated to designing and supplying the things that stylists and costumiers need to do their job properly, with their range of long-lasting bags and styling-related equipment.

Renting not buying. Getting women to rent instead, the latest luxury trends and pieces, without burning a hole in your pocket or the planet. A tech-first platform with thousands of renters and lenders building a smart solution for fashion- sign up using this link to get points.

Rent and buy pre-loved designer women's, men's and kids clothes from 500+ designers. Some pieces are available from their London HQ for speedy rentals.

New clothing rental app launching in July 2022 - sign up using link & code to get points

The social network to rent, lend and buy designer fashion

Rites is a London based luxury resale consignment store where you can buy and sell second hand designer bags, jewellery, shoes, and women's clothing

Buy and sell online pre-loved clothes, great selection of high street items from individual sellers without the service charge of other sites 

Post Shoot Recycling and supplier suggestions

Pens for Kids is trying to help kids around the world, by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education - the cost of a pen!

Donate interview-appropriate clothing to help a woman feel equipped, confident and more likely to succeed at interviews.

They help clients create a positive first impression when seeking employment. Clients are referred by public agencies and charities such as Jobcentres Plus, the NHS, Crisis and London Probation when they have the offer of a job interview or work placement. Any clothes you donate, go directly to one of their clients, helping him look good, feel confident and increase his chances of a successful outcome. They need quality clothing and footwear in every size to accommodate the needs of their clients.

CIRCULAR ARTS NETWORK - make a listing for rails, kit, fabric etc and help another project out

Like a Food bank, but instead of food, they provide personal care and hygiene products to people in the UK living in hygiene poverty via registered charities like Food banks, refuges and homeless facilities

Computers for kids is an award winning Non-profit organisation in the UK actively working together to find practical workable solutions regarding the inequality of digital access

Your Unused Personal or Company Computers Can Make a Huge Difference to a Child’s Education

Little Lives UK are proud to be a children’s charity who support disabled and disadvantaged children and young people to help them build stronger futures.

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be reused or recycled

ReAdorn London will up cycle leftover jewellery items

Smalls for All® is a Scottish charity which collects underwear to give to adults and children in need in Africa and the UK. Only accepts gently worn or new pants (i.e if you bought a multi pack and have some left over)

Recycle old underwear - On a mission to prevent any more underwear ending up in landfill including your unwanted underwear.

 A tech-for-good nonprofit offering the first platform of its kind where people and brands can donate clothes online so that refugee women and children can shop for free, with the agency and dignity they deserve. They turn donating into gifting & empower through choice.

The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is the first pragmatic solution to prevent microplastic pollution from washing synthetic clothes

Ethical consumer highest rated cleaning products, great for laundry and art department cleaning, use the link for subscription discount

Inflatable amnesty from Wyatt & Jack, send them old inflatables and they repurpose them into bags

Donate textile waste to this award-winning social enterprise that uses textiles and craft to build community and support people in vulnerable life moments. They offer textile and craft workshops & Supplies and kits to organisations & groups.

OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away. For your convenience, OLIO can also be used for non-food household items too.

Recycle and reuse flowers from events, weddings and retailers then deliver bouquets and arrangements to those in the community who would not normally receive flowers, such as those in hospices, care homes and shelters.

Take in secondhand bikes, refurbish them and donate them to refugees and asylum seekers

 They take any appliance, furniture, junk item, mattress or any other item you can think of. Great for most types of assorted rubbish or multiple junk items. Pile it up and they will take it away. They divert 98% of the waste collected away from landfills. Making them an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your waste.